Removing Your Contact Lenses

As you follow these steps, remember to go slow and be gentle. Just like when you put your lenses in, always start with the same side, right or left. This will help avoid switching your right and left lenses.

And always wash your hands first!

Step 1:
Stand in front of a well-lit mirror.

Step 2:
Look upward.

Step 3:
Using your non-dominant hand, raise your upper eyelid away from your eye with your index finger.

Step 4:
With your dominant hand, use your middle finger to pull your lower eyelid down.

Step 5:
With the tips of your index finger and thumb, gently squeeze the lens to pull it down and away from your eye. Don’t squeeze so hard that it folds or pinches.

Step 6:
Place the lens in the palm of your other hand and cup that hand slightly. Squeeze fresh multipurpose lens solution onto the surface of the lens. See Caring for Your Contact Lenses for more details on how to clean and disinfect your lenses.

Step 7:
If you’re using contact lenses meant to be worn for multiple days before replacement, make sure you put them in a case that has “L” for left and “R” for right clearly marked, so you don’t mix them up. Follow the instructions that came with your cleaning and disinfecting solution.

You’ll be a contact lens pro in no time. But just in case you need some help at first, these tips can make removing your contact lenses easier:

  • If your lens is difficult to remove, try a few rewetting drops into your eye. Dry eyes can make removing the lens harder.
  • Sliding the lens toward the white of your eye and/or toward your lower eyelid can make it easier to remove. The lens and the colored part of your eye are the same shape, which helps the lens stay in place. Moving the lens toward the white of your eye can help separate it from your eye for easier removal.
  • New lenses take some time to get used to. Don’t rush. Take your time when first removing new lenses.
  • If the edges of your lens stick together, add a drop of fresh lens solution and gently rub the lens in your palm until the edges separate.

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